We have listed the most common signs that there is a problem in your relationship that you should definitely remove from the world. What you can also do to actively improve your relationship and get it back on track can be found in the last section …

1. You live side by side.

You live in an apartment, but on the sofa and in bed you deal with either the cell phone or the television program. When eating together, everyone ponders their own thoughts and tells about their day. Correct, in-depth discussions no longer exist. You haven’t known exactly what is going on with your partner and what things are on his mind for a long time. The bottom line is that you don’t really spend any time together.

2. You are not looking ahead.

But your relationship hasn’t really gotten into the present. Because you are still stuck in old conflicts and are angry about things that should have long been passé. It is time to finish with the past and look ahead so you can arrive in the present and have a future at all.

3. You don’t give in.

When it comes to problem solving, you suddenly see black. Everything is only badly talked about and a positive, solution-oriented approach is simply not available. It is important to focus on problem solving rather than hanging on unsolvable problems. Time will tell.

4. You have no desire to change anything.

Problems are no longer really solved, but kept silent or simply dismissed. There is, however, no real exchange and an interest in optimizing your coexistence and promoting the relationship. Without a well-functioning, well-coordinated communication, however, no partnership can and will not work.

5. You don’t care.

You have no opinion at all about many things because they are too exhausting for you. When was the last time you really looked forward to your partner? If you no longer know, then it is high time to change something. Because those who are no longer looking forward to their partner and can no longer appreciate their presence are not in a good way for the relationship.

And how can you change that and get your relationship back on a healthy path?

First of all, of course, it helps to be aware that something is going wrong. So you should sit down and deal with the partner to find out how to get back together. What are the other’s needs that are not being met? You should also listen to yourself and find out what is missing. This is the only way to leave the past behind and go into a future together. Giving more freedom helps many couples, often it was harder for one partner to let go of something than the other. So it is important to have positive experiences for both and the experience of looking forward to your partner again. Then you can enjoy the time together again more. By the way, the following should apply: Mobile phone away and deal with the partner! Intensive discussions and an atmosphere.

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