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5 Signs That Say No To Friendship With Ex-boyfriends

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Divorces are not pleasant for anyone, even if they happened easily and by mutual agreement.

We all face such a change differently. While some of us may remain friends with each other, others may not be able to maintain a relationship after the separation. It is not called parting in vain, parting means a rupture and ready. Why should we remain friends? How will our future partners react when they find out that we have remained friends with our ex? We will never know how people will react!

What are the zodiac signs that say NO from the beginning to friendship with ex-boyfriends?


Aries is very competitive. He is not at all interested in being friends with an ex, because he is more focused on competing with him and seeing who gets the better of them.

Of course, he doesn’t mind that he has access to his social networks to keep up to date with everything that is important in his life, but there is no question of ever going out in the city as two friends. A true friendship does not mean a constant struggle with each other and will not be able to resist the attempt to overcome his former partner.

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He liked to be worshiped, so how could he stay around to see his ex worship someone else? If the two remain friends, Leo will inevitably hear about the former’s new relationship.

Unfortunately, Leo is arrogant and will not want to know anything about it. Also, his stubborn personality will not allow him to remain friends, especially if his ex is wrong. No excuses will convince him either.

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Scorpio can’t help but be jealous. This helps in relationships, but not when it comes to staying friends with an ex-boyfriend. He is a passionate person, and that can lead to jealousy. For this reason, he simply cannot cope with the information about the new people that his ex-partner will eventually start meeting.

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Capricorn does not forgive and is the kind of person who knows everything. These qualities are not really complimentary when it comes to maintaining a friendship after the breakup. If he breaks her heart, she does not forgive or forget. And even if the breakup wasn’t entirely the other person’s fault, being the type who seems to know them all will prevent them from ever reaching an agreement

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If there were marathons to run away from feelings, Aquarius would break records. He is the most passive when it comes to breaking up with someone.

He doesn’t care about being friends with an ex, not because he hates the idea, but because he won’t mind making that effort. Friendship with a former partner requires a lot of effort on both sides, and Aquarius is unwilling to do so.

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