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5 signs of the zodiac that hide Woland in their soul

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Each of us has both light and darkness. But someone has a lot of suns in their souls, while someone has everything covered in clouds. The stars learned about some of the signs of the zodiac that Woland hides in their souls.

The Prince of Darkness does not seek to get to the surface, but sometimes shows his formidable face. Let’s find out under what constellations these scary (and maybe cute) creatures were born.

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You to take a closer look at Gemini , who only seem cheerful, carefree and cheerful. How is this possible? – you ask. Yes Easy! Watch these carefree guys and you will notice that sometimes they behave very strangely. Sometimes they seem to be completely absent and look very detached. So, it is at these moments that the Gemini are in dialogue with their inner Demon. Therefore, it is better to stay away, otherwise he will suddenly decide to jump out.

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Cancers never ask for anything, especially from those who are stronger. Why do you think? Yes, because this life motto was whispered to them by Woland. But the pets of the Moon hide their tenant from others – they have enough oddities even without the inner Devil.

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They master hypnosis, they predict the future, they read thoughts… and where does it come from? It is clear where – these are bonuses from Woland. The demon of darkness has firmly settled in the soul of Scorpio and is not going to look for another home. Wards of Pluto themselves do not mind such a neighbor – it’s fun with him. But the stars didn’t tell you anything.

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Capricorns are often called gloomy and unsociable types. And you live with the Lord of Shadows inside, then we’ll talk. The wards of Saturn rarely reveal themselves to others, because they are afraid that Woland will jump out and blow everything to hell.

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Here’s who you would never think: cute water creatures seem so gentle and romantic. But Woland, who settled in the soul of Rybok , feels comfortable and sometimes makes the water guys do strange and ugly things.

And the pets of Neptune are watching us through the eyes of Satan and think: people are like people, the housing problem only spoiled them.

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