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4 Zodiacs With An Uphill Battle In April


You have some unresolved emotions you need to process this month, Cancer. Tears need to be spilled. Pillows that need to be punched. The loss needs to be acknowledged. It’s an uphill battle because you’ve been putting the work on the back burner and now the only way you’ll get through this emotional mountain of laundry is one load at a time. But just because it’s a daunting task, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get started right away. Continuing down the same path will only let that mountain grow taller. Lace up your boots and take that first step toward healing. If it feels too scary, turn around and look back on all the climbing you’ve unconsciously been doing for the last few years. All the progress you’ve made. Just imagine what lies ahead for you if you are only brave enough to keep moving forward.


The goal you have in mind is not for the faint-hearted, Taurus, but you’ve never shied away from a competitive field. The naysayers trying to tell you you’re wasting your time are only nursing the wounds of their own abandoned dreams. You know you’re bound to fall on your face at least a handful of times before you get it right, but you know exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into. You signed up for this with your favorite pen and a signature that is meant for fame. But before you can get there, you need to do the work. The novel outline on a diner napkin, the homemade music video shot by a friend in your parking garage, the grad school application that’s been sitting in your drafts for months. Remember that the view from the beginning of a trail is often as beautiful as the one from the summit.


You are reaching your first real test in a new relationship this month Pisces, and it’s a lot more serious than deciding the right way to fold towels. No matter how difficult the circumstances, if you are fighting the good fight with the right person by your side, there’s nothing the two of you can’t make it through. You will have to take turns, carrying more of the load when the other needs help, and vice versa. You will need to communicate, now more than ever, to hear when they’re hurting, what they need, and what way you need to go next. But the thing about wandering with the person that you love is that you’ll never truly be lost. The prize you’re after will still always be within arm’s reach.


You never want to play a game you can’t win, Sagittarius, which is why you’re always so comfortable in the role of consummate beginner. You will learn the basics of French or kickboxing or chess because they are all achievable goals. There is a path from here to there, and it is so well-trodden you could walk it with your eyes closed, but the battle you have to face this month is a journey through virgin territory. There is no plan, no guarantee you can achieve this goal. No instructions, no job description. You have to learn to navigate towards that goal with only your moral compass to lead you. It’s not going to be pretty or dainty, and you may need to carve your path with a machete, but it’s better than the alternative of standing still.

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