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4 Zodiacs Who Are Destined For Unexpected Wealth In May

May is shaping up to be quite a month financially for a few zodiac signs!

We may talk quite a bit about personality and love when we discuss astrology, but it can also give us insight into our financial situations. Each house in astrology is linked to specific themes, and a few houses are referred to as the “money houses” as they can influence and impact how we accumulate and spend our money-especially if you have favorable birth chart placements in those houses already.

There is plenty of exciting and abundant energy for May, as the Taurus season continues through most of this time. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter spend most of their time in Taurus these next few weeks, providing plenty of opportunities for connections, abundance, and financial growth. May 18th is a date to pay attention to as it’s when the Jupiter Cazimi (where Jupiter comes in close conjunction with the Sun) occurs, providing a stronger boost to Jupiter’s associations of abundance and wealth.

A few zodiac signs have the star aligned to set up some unexpected wealth this month if they play their cards right. Check your signs below (Rising and Sun) to see which signs are destined for unexpected wealth in May.


It truly is a stellar month for you financially, Aries. Taurus rules your 2nd House of Income and Values, making the month of May a period of focus on your money and budget. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all making their way through this house, opportunities to earn new money and alter your budget are on the table. When the Jupiter Cazimi occurs on May 18th, be on the lookout for a big shift in your finances for the better, as you may choose this moment to take a chance on an opportunity that will bring in more money. With Jupiter involved, be sure you’re just as committed to investing and saving as you could just as easily opt to blow through your finances if you aren’t careful.


There is strong financial potential for you this month, Cancer, but only if you’re willing to work for it. Taurus rules your 11th House of Friendship and Networking, but it’s also the area where our dreams and goals for the future are born into fruition. The 11th House is sometimes called the “Reward House” due to the potential for money or financial support to come through. However, this only happens if you’ve been putting in the work and determination towards your dreams and goals; if you’re sitting back, waiting for dollars to fall into your lap, you’ll be waiting a while. The Jupiter Cazimi on May 18th may spark opportunities in this area, so keep your eyes open for those moments.


With Taurus season in full swing, you’ve likely felt some heaviness, Libra. While Taurus is your fellow Venus-ruled sign, it’s also the sign that rules your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources. The 8th House isn’t always straightforward regarding finances, notably because this house deals with money that belongs to other people. It’s possible that your romantic or business partner may come into some unexpected money, or you could benefit from an inheritance that you were previously unaware of. However, there isn’t much control over how this occurs, so you’ll want to be cautious about accepting large sums if you don’t know what strings are attached.


You’ve likely been planning on this for a bit, Capricorn, and those financial plans will potentially come through this month. Taurus rules your 5th House of Creativity and Pleasure and is highly linked to success and fame. While Taurus isn’t the most attention-oriented sign, they are known for their groundedness and ability to plan for security and beauty in the long term. Seeds you’ve been planting in terms of your finances or success, notably in creative forms, will show up unexpectedly over these few weeks. Be on the lookout for more distinct evidence of this during the Jupiter Cazimi on May 18th! While you may not know fully how these things will manifest, know you’re on the right track.

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