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4 Zodiac Signs That Hate the Idea of ​​Marriage

It’s not that they can’t get emotionally involved, because they can and do whenever the opportunity arises.

The problem is that not everyone likes the idea of ​​committing legally to one person for the rest of their life. Some people like to be free of any kind of attachment, even if it means staying away from the love of their life. They don’t want obligations, they don’t want to give explanations, and they just want to live their lives how they want and when they want. People in this category simply do not understand the concept of marriage and, of course, focus on avoiding it for the rest of their lives.

And because the zodiac is rarely wrong, and the traits of each zodiac sign are 95% real, here are 4 signs that hate the idea of ​​marriage.


One of Aquarius’s strongest character traits is his free spirit. Aquarius natives deeply hate the idea of ​​getting attached to someone, as well as the idea of ​​marriage. It is simply difficult for them to accept that they “belong” to one person and to share their privacy and free time with them.


Although they are said to be incurable romantics, this does not mean that they want to experience romance with only one person. Pisces get scared at the idea of ​​marriage. When problems and responsibilities arise, they run away without thinking too much. Pisces natives cannot face strong emotions, tears, accusations, guilt, and disappointment.


They are too adventurous and see life as a rollercoaster of emotions. So they do their best to avoid getting married because they don’t want to dedicate themselves to one person either. Sagittarians want to meet new people and be free to do whatever they want. They don’t want to offer explanations or regret.


Because they can’t imagine life without fun or emotion, Gemini closes the list with the 4 signs that hate the idea of ​​marriage. The thought that they can stay tied to one person for the rest of their lives and get married is almost a nightmare for them. Gemini natives fear that, if they get married, they are forced to spend more time with their family and thus lose their social life.

Have you found your lover’s zodiac sign in the list above and are you thinking about where to get it? The healthiest thing is to talk openly with him about this aspect. And if you are the one who dislikes the idea of ​​marriage, introspection is necessary and, if necessary, reconciliation with the fact that marriage is not for everyone and that is OK.

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