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4 Zodiac Signs That Get Over A Breakup With Dignity

Many times, we show our true face, weaknesses, and vulnerability when we are victims of a sad event.

Maybe it is easy for us to be strong when we are happy and carefree, but things are completely different if we are abandoned or forced to end a relationship that means a lot to us.

Today, however, we do not embarrass you with tears and sobs, but we present to you the four signs that do not let themselves be brought down even by the end of a hot love story!

Signs that survive breakups with dignity

Discover below the four signs that should inspire you with their behavior after the breakup!


Some people say that Geminis never get to love deeply, that they keep a distance, a lightness even in the most passionate love stories, which allows them to recover after painful separations. We prefer to call this indifferent behavior something else: dignity.

No matter how much they loved the Gemini, they know better than anyone that if they let themselves be overwhelmed by sadness, it will not help them at all. These intellectual signs can control their feelings and do not like to be pitied, so they will be careful to hide their impulse to curl up somewhere far away and cry. Of course, their native reserves of cheerfulness also help, but everything resides, in essence, from their dignified nature!


Rarely will you see a Virgo fallen to the ground, sobbing and begging to be taken back. Stable and in perfect agreement with her feelings, the native is too aware of herself to allow herself to be dominated by destructive emotions. She may seem soft or shy on the outside, but the truth is that she hides huge reserves of power.

If Gemini’s natural good mood helps them to get over upsets, Virgo is supported by their tendency towards perfectionism, by the seriousness and responsibility they feel both towards themselves and others. All these traits will prevent her from continuing to cry for pity and will give her the strength to start over even after the hardest breakups.


There is no more balanced sign than Libra, so the native will not collapse on a bed of tears and thorns, deciding that she cannot live anymore if she does not stay with the one of her heart. Moreover, this sign is ruled by the very planet of love and beauty, Venus, which means that she will know how to live intensely with a feeling but, paradoxically, she will not let herself be dominated by it and will always be convinced that there is a second, the third, a hundredth chance at a new love.

However, Libra is also helped by her nature bent toward the pleasant side of life, her sociability, and the fact that she never shelters her happiness only in the arms of a single person. Being so balanced, she will be able to immediately find solace in her many friends, in her favorite art, or herself, whenever she feels herself collapsing from suffering.


You will never see a typical Capricorn native knocked down because this sign is far too self-aware to humiliate herself like that. Strong and full of common sense, she values ​​the opinion of others, and it is this trait that helps her get over a breakup with dignity: how could she maintain the prestige she is so dependent on if she felt she was losing respect by crying and whining – is it?

It also helps that today’s fourth sign rarely lets itself be subdued by the feeling of love; if Libra has many other anchors in life, apart from love for their partner, Capricorn enjoys many other interests. If she’s in pain for a man, she’ll soothe herself by taking refuge in work, thus achieving great things while healing her broken heart.

You will never see the four signs above lamenting, begging, pleading fervently not to be abandoned: they will get over any kind of separation with dignity!

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