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4 Zodiac Signs That Expect Big Drama In November 2023

Bye-bye October, hello November. Like every month, the penultimate month of the year also has some events in store for the zodiac signs from an astrological perspective. If November promises some of them that they will finally find true love or predicts a windfall, the stars usually already indicate for whom things will, unfortunately, be less rosy. A look at the horoscope shows that there will be a lot of drama ahead for four zodiac signs in the next few weeks. Read who is included here.



It’s not difficult for Taurus to have conversations in their favor, after all, it’s in their nature to assert their head and will – but things are different in November. The earth sign feels deep inside that it is about to have a crisis discussion with friends or family and would prefer to avoid it. But the stars ensure that there is a way out. In the next few weeks, it’s time to close your eyes and keep going dear Taurus. Be brave and prepare for the conversation, even if it means drama. After that, everything will get better again.


Scorpios have to be brave this November, because not only is it their birthday month, but unfortunately they are also in for one or two emotional rollercoasters – not at all to the liking of the sensitive water sign. Saturn is retrograde at the beginning of November and calls on the zodiac sign to question some of the situations in which it currently finds itself. Is the Scorpio still happy in the relationship? Is everyone in your circle of friends serious? Is the job sufficiently fulfilling? Take the time to find the right answer, dear water sign, even if it’s not always an easy decision.


Pisces like to drift in everyday life and often retreat into their daydreams. In November, however, the stars lure the sensitive water sign out of its comfort zone and challenge it properly – with plenty of drama included. Pisces prefers to be everyone’s darling and cleverly avoids conflicts. In the next few days and weeks, however, there will be no escape for the zodiac sign and it will be confronted with things that it has not faced for too long. Though this may be uncomfortable at first, dear Pisces, it is worth it. Afterward, you can end the year without any worries.


Especially when it comes to love, you need to be careful with the air sign in November. Conversations are looming that they should have had a long time ago, but that Aquarius has always avoided. Then things can get messy. Nevertheless, you should address what is bothering you; you will notice that you will feel much better afterward.

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