Cheating seems like a part of everyday life because so many people do it.

It has almost become normal to hear that someone cheated on someone.

You wouldn’t flinch nor you would be surprised if someone told that fact about someone else you know, right?

The truth is, some people are more prone to cheating than others.Horoscope

In fact, the planets responsible for that kind of behavior do most of the work.

The rest is up to the person doing it.

With that being said, in 2021, some of these 4 signs are in serious danger to commit adultery crimes against their loved ones.

Which ones are they? Ready…here we go!


The main planet to blame for your troubles is Uranus.

In fact, you can say that this planet is the devil sitting on your right shoulder whispering bad things.

The biggest reason why you’re definitely going to try to seek happiness somewhere else is the fact that you can’t stand routine.

Boring relationships are something you’re scared of the most.

So, even at the first sign of routine happening, you’re going to get out there and search for your adventure.

Too bad—it’s going to backfire badly.


Your personality doesn’t go in your favor.

It’s a well-known fact that every Aquarius is pretty selfish and self-centered.

It’s not that you aren’t going to help anybody, but you’re always going to calculate which decision works in your favor the most.

In this process, it can happen that you hurt someone you love.

In addition to this, you’re not the best person to compromise which makes things even more complicated.

If you get bored, and the chances you will are very high, you’re going to go out there to find excitement—a little fling perhaps?


I bet the fact Cancer made this list is pretty shocking, but sadly it’s the truth.

They are usually known to be devoted and extremely sensitive which is the core of the problem at hand.

If you neglect a Cancer, you will hurt them more than anyone ever could.

And sadly, when Cancer is hurt, they stop thinking rationally and start thinking emotionally.

Given the fact that their feelings are hurt, their judgment won’t be objective.

Hence, they will go and try to find their happiness and attention elsewhere.


Unlike Cancer, this zodiac sign definitely deserves to be on the list of 2021 cheaters.

It’s a fact that Scorpios cannot control themselves, especially when it comes to s*xual encounters.

Their libidos are way too high.

Sadly, if a Scorpio partner is not acting according to what Scorpio feels is ‘normal’ or ‘enough’, a Scorpio won’t have any problems to go and look for the thing missing somewhere else.

Even if they get caught cheating, they won’t feel guilty, and they will probably put the blame on their partner for not putting more effort into their s*xual relationship.

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