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4 Signs That Hide Their Emotions and Rarely Show What They Really Feel

Is it very easy for you to talk about what you feel or does the mere thought that you should do this terrify you?

If some people feel very comfortable putting their soul on the tray and discussing without reservations about the most intimate emotions and feelings, others simply cannot do it. Over time, you’ve probably met people who fit into either of these two categories. The zodiac sign can have a strong influence from this point of view. Some signs are known for their ability to talk openly about their inner lives, while others will never reveal what they feel.

Here are the 4 signs that hide their emotions and rarely show what they feel:


Capricorn natives have no problem expressing their emotions, but there must be a very serious reason for doing so. Regardless of whether they are positive and exciting emotions or unpleasant and overwhelming ones, the Capricorn tends to keep them inside and focus on other things that are happening in his life. Usually, Capricorn natives consider the open expression of emotions to be a sign of weakness. But when they feel ready to express what they feel, they will do it without thinking.


People born under the Aquarius sign love communication and consider it essential. However, their emotions are usually not on their list of topics to discuss. They prefer to manage their feelings and emotions by themselves, which they often analyze from an intellectual or rational perspective. They don’t want to talk about what they feel unless they have already come to a conclusion on their own about their origin or cause. One of the most rational signs, Aquarius avoids putting his soul on the tray. If he is pressured to reveal his feelings, the result could be shocking for those around him.


A rational and pragmatic earth sign, Virgo avoids talking openly about their feelings and emotions. Those born under this sign live as intensely as everyone else, but they try to deny their feelings. The natives of this sign consider that analyzing emotions is a waste of time when there are more important things to do. Even if they are faced with strong emotions, Virgos try to overlook them, although the effects on them can be dramatic. They can face anxiety or depression, precisely because they refuse to express honestly what they feel and to free themselves from the burden of negative emotions.


Scorpios have a remarkable talent for making you feel that you form a real connection with them, from the first moment you meet them. They share some aspects of their life or personality and thus encourage you to reveal as much as possible about yourself. But the truth is that you will never really get to know a Scorpio native. It is one of the most skilled signs in terms of masking emotions and feelings. People born under this sign keep their feelings hidden as deep as possible, and what is visible on the surface is only what they want you to see. It is scarce for a Scorpio to open his soul to someone truly.

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