You can never make plans with these 4 zodiac signs. At the last minute, they upset all plans. ALWAYS!

The situation is typical, everything is ready for departure for your romantic weekend set for weeks and just as you are about to close the suitcase comes to the phone call that messes up everything.

With these 4 zodiac signs situations such as the one just described are on the agenda. With these four signs, you are used to canceling dinners or changing reservations endless times and all strictly at the last minute. If you hate impromptu program changes, avoid organizing anything with these signs!

Here are the 4 zodiac signs that will drive you crazy for last-minute program changes

We all know someone who calls at the last minute and changes the cards on the table. It’s annoying, he always has an excuse ready, either because he changed his mind, or because he forgot a previous commitment, or because he had an unexpected event. Whatever the motivation, the result is always the same, it forces you to turn your life upside down.

According to astrologers, 4 zodiac signs have this tendency. While for some signs it is essential to plan and organize to reconcile everything, others limit themselves to living for the day and messing up the life of those who try hard to make ends meet.

Here are the signs you shouldn’t plan anything by if you’re someone who gets irritated by sudden schedule changes:


The sign of Libra by its nature is unable to say no. He feels a great annoyance in having to say no and possibly disappoint someone, which is why he always ends up saying YES to every one. By dint of wanting to please everyone, he finds himself forced to lose the light of time and ends up realizing that he cannot do everything. Always for the discourse of not disappointing, he tries to keep faith with the commitment until the end but in the end, he is forced to call you to cancel.


The natives of the sign of Scorpio are moody and suffer from mood swings! Living with them or deciding to have a friendship with this sign means having to accept living on a roller coaster. With him even a decision made the same morning could be upset, it all depends on his mood and his changes. Being also a very loyal sign, it will not take long to recover, and want to plan your commitment again.


The sign of Gemini tends to change their mind often. With this sign, you shouldn’t take it personally. The Gemini is sociable, ironic, carefree so at times simply, taken by something else, they may forget that they have made a commitment with you and dedicate themselves to someone else. All the fault of his duality, the personality who struck a deal with you may not be the same as on the day of the fateful engagement.


We all know that Pisces is a great dreamer. He loves to spend his time on his extended dimension between dream and reality and has very low social energy. This is the reason why after making a commitment he starts to think again and come up with some excuses to cancel. You will try knowing him not to fall for it and to make him keep faith with the commitment made but in the end by dint of attempts he will be able to find a way to cancel the commitment. If you want Pisces to dedicate their time to you, you must be able to extort an invitation from them to their home. It’s the only way not to let him escape.

In the extreme, throw it on the sentimental level, it will never do anything that can hurt you.


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