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3 Zodiacs With A Long Life Chapter Coming To A Close In March 2024


Gemini, the life chapter that is closing for you this March has long been a core part of your identity. It could be a relationship, a career, or the place you live in. Something that when you introduce yourself to someone is one of the first things you mention. As a creature of habit, closing this chapter may be painful for you or disorienting. You may not know who you are without this central anchor. Or maybe because you are so loyal and committed, the thing you’re leaving behind is something that’s made you feel stuck. Something you’ve been longing to break free from. Whether the change is welcome or feels like a true loss, you will need to allow yourself the time to adjust. Whether you are sleeping in a new bedroom for the first time or something that feels like its emotional equivalent, you just need to get past those first awkward moments of newness. Remind yourself of the time when whatever is coming to a close was also new, when what fits you like a glove needed to first be broken in. It will help put your current shift into perspective and allow you to optimistically hope for the best in the unknown instead of only dreading the worst. Whatever it is that you’re leaving behind, you know it has served you well in one way or another, no matter if it was unpleasant or beloved. You walk into this new chapter, taking all of the knowledge and life experience you gained from it with you.


The band is breaking up, Leo. As they all inevitably tend to do. Whether your company re-org is dismantling your close-knit team, your co-ed sports league no longer works with your schedule or a bestie in your inner circle is moving away, something will disturb the equilibrium of a beloved source of social connection. And the longer that group has been established, the harder it is to have it altered. It is hard to find trusted companions we feel comfortable around. Harder to find and form groups where everyone gels well together. It requires coordinated chemistry. And when even one member is missing, that chemistry gets altered. You can’t just hold auditions for a replacement member or a new group entirely. History gets built organically over time, but life changes, and we can’t avoid the toll it takes on the people around us. Sometimes we avoid change to stay in certain relationships, forgetting change can come to those people too. So you’ll have to relearn a lesson that you know well at this point, Leo: that history can’t be erased. True friends will always be friends no matter how far away they live or how long it’s been since you last saw them. The friends you met religiously for Friday happy hour will still be your friends for one-on-one coffees or quarterly dinner parties. Take this opportunity to bring back the lost art of letter writing, or find other creative ways to stay in touch and let your relationships evolve and mature.


It’s time to pick your head up from your work, Scorpio. The prize you’ve had your eye on is finally within reach and your long chapter of dedicated work is coming to a close. You’ll be thrown off balance at first without this looming achievement to focus all of your attention on. You may have even forgotten how to have fun or what your interests are outside of this one endeavor. So, it’s time for you to find out. To try new hobbies, lean into leisure time, and enjoy the simple things in life. Your fear of laziness is unfounded. Another chapter will pick up soon enough, one that requires prolonged effort. But this lull in between is your time to develop a sense of work-life balance. You may even learn to bridge the gap between passion and project to discover a calling that gives you a sense of enjoyment and achievement. Whatever it was that you’ve had to dedicate yourself to completely, you know at the end of the day that it wasn’t and will never be your whole identity. So take this time to get to know yourself from the inside out instead of just what you’re capable of. It’s your time to evaluate, based on your criteria, what exactly it is that you want out of life. It is going to take some time. You’ve been following directions (successfully) for so long, but it’s time to develop a plan of your own now.

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