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3 Zodiac Signs That You Must Learn to Be Gentler With Them

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If you don’t do it… who do you think will? Choose to be gentle with your heart.

Pay attention to your soul. Learn to take care of yourself before taking care of others.

Here are those zodiac signs that you need to learn to be gentler with:

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My dear, learn to protect your soul. You can’t be there for everyone who needs you. You can’t leave yourself to take care of others. Even if you want to protect every family member, every close friend, and every loved one who asks for your help, it is not healthy for you to forget your heart. You can’t run whenever someone needs you… because you’ll go crazy.

Your salvation depends only and only on you. You are not everyone’s mother. You cannot suffer so much because of other people. You can’t punish yourself when a loved one goes down the wrong path. You can’t solve other people’s problems even if you desperately want to see them happy.

You have to learn to accept that each person has his own life. So, take a step back and focus on what you are experiencing, who you are, and what you want to become your dreams and desires. Try to be gentle with yourself.

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Do you know what they say about you? That you always analyze things in too much detail, focus on everything that is negative, and do your best to please the people around you. You want with all your heart to see your loved ones happy and you almost feel that it is your fault if they are upset.

Although it is wonderful to be in relationships where you want to take care of the people you care about, treat them with love and kindness, and be with them, I want you to know that their emotions are not your responsibility. You are not there to heal them. So, try to focus on your own needs and let others live their lives as they know best.

No, it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. You deserve attention. You deserve the best. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Choose to take care of your soul. Choose to pay attention to your heartache. Choose to seek peace in this storm. It works more on you than on other people.

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Let me tell you something that I’m sure you already know in the depths of your soul: you’ve been too hard on yourself lately. It is not like that? You are on a continuous run through life and you keep pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion. You are much too focused on certain things that will not even matter at the end of life: success, career, profession, money… and you have removed everything that is really important: inner peace, care for yourself, and mental health.

It’s time to say “Stop!” and realize what you are doing. You will not reach your goals if you exhaust yourself. You will not get where you want to be if you do it completely forgetting about yourself.

You have to pay attention to the balance between work and life. Even if your career is very important to you, you cannot neglect anything else that brings you joy. You have to set aside time for yourself, for relaxing and fun activities.

You have to be gentle with yourself on the days when you need a break. Don’t punish yourself for putting your own health first.

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