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3 zodiac signs that are shy, but tough at heart 2022

Not all astrological signs of the zodiac are social butterflies. There are many who are shy and sometimes it is difficult to know when a shy person is in love .

Some are reserved and quiet, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. On the contrary, that is exactly why they have so much to offer.

Introverted people are usually full of surprises, as they tend to be very good observers.

This means that they notice a lot of things that others don’t and can use this knowledge to their advantage.

However, be aware that shyness does not necessarily imply weakness. It just means that the person is not comfortable giving too much information about themselves at any given time.

However, if someone oversteps her limits, she will be ready to stand up for herself.

And that’s when she’ll show her tough side (which she certainly has inside her), even though maybe she would have preferred not to have to.

If you want to find out which astrological signs of the zodiac are the most shy and at the same time the most intriguing, here is the list you have been looking for.

1. Cancer

“My feelings are too strong for words and too timid for the world. “ – Dejan Stojanovic

The cancer. The kings and queens of shyness of the whole horoscope.

Cancers are a lot like crabs. They like to be safe under their shell and run away quickly when they feel in danger.

In case you’ve never seen a crab move, I’ll just tell you that they move sideways. Sometimes it seems like they want to sneak out of where they are, much like Cancers.

Cancers don’t like crowds, they don’t like public speaking, they don’t like to hang out on the phone, and they don’t like meeting new people.

Most people don’t even think about these things, but for Cancers sometimes this is a big deal – they are very low key and like to spend a lot of time  alone .

They are ruled by the Moon (which is also their corresponding tarot card) and the Moon is a very mysterious satellite.

The Moon represents all that is hidden, concealed, mysterious, elusive, silent and sometimes even deceptive. It also rules the emotions and the subconscious.

This is what explains why Cancers are very sensitive and emotional and why they are not fans of large crowds.

They have the ability to sense the energy of others in a very intense way, due to their empathetic nature .

Sometimes it is precisely their empathy that takes over too much and makes them seem depressed or shy in a social circle. That’s why they prefer quiet, cozy evenings on Netflix with their favorite person by their side.

Cancers are first and foremost a water sign, which means they don’t have a problem taking initiative when needed, but they are also big dreamers and a bit home-like, which makes them sometimes passive, since they would like to do things so badly but cannot force themselves to do them.

They can suffer from insecurity if they are off balance and this is another reason why they are shy.

However, when they are around people they really love and feel safe with (which is very important to them), they get super-excited.

Cancer is VERY protective of those close to them and the people they feel are in need of protection. When it comes to standing up for the people he loves, he makes no compromises, and this is where he’ll retaliate with no problem or even go so far as to fight.

The people he loves are his number one priority and that’s the best and sometimes most terrifying thing about him.

2. Virgo

”The deep rivers flow quietly. “ – Haruki Murakami

Virgo is the only earth sign among the water signs on this little list. The other two earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, are known for their great confidence.

I wouldn’t say Virgo is not confident, rather I would say their calmness and introversion comes from their introspection.

They are perfectionists and that means they think about a lot of things at the same time. Which often makes them a bit too critical, according to those around them.

When in fact, they just expect to find the same qualities that they have in others as well.

They often think too much about everything, until it comes to a point where they decide to say nothing at all. This stems from the fact that they are always afraid of making mistakes.

Unlike water signs which express their emotions with ease, this sun sign doesn’t really know when or how to open up to others.

They understand things in a practical way which is why they sometimes find themselves confused by things that they cannot put into words (since this is an earth sign that is ruled by Mercury) . People often see them as reserved, intelligent and discreet.

However, Virgos are actually real tough on the inside, because they have so much knowledge and stamina in them and are never talked about in the right way.

Virgo has unparalleled patience that only mentally extremely strong people can have. This is why it is very important not to play with their patience, because if you ever have the misfortune of disrespecting them, they will be done with you and I assure you that you do not want to have a Virgo person as an enemy. .

Star signs of the zodiac who are shy can be patient, but when their goodwill is abused, they won’t go away like that and will act like nothing has happened.

3. Pisces

”The mind speaks louder than the voice. ”- Erin Forbes

Pisces is also one of the most shy astrological signs of the zodiac and that probably comes as no surprise.

All of the water signs actually tend to be a bit shy except Scorpio who is different due to Mars dominating their sign.

Pisces is ruled by the dreamy planet of Neptune which is in its 12th house. This is enough to explain where his shyness comes from.

The main character traits of the planet Neptune are: a very dreamy mind, sensitivity and fragility… They sometimes give the impression as if they are not of this world.

The 12th house represents sleep, death, convents, prisons and isolated spaces in general.

That’s why it’s not hard to see why this sign struggles to be the center of a party.

They are naturally introverted and shy people. They like humans in general, but don’t seem to fit in with most of them.

However, because of their uniqueness, people love them. They love their authenticity and that touch of exoticism that they bring daily to everyday life.

This sign which is very sensitive in nature, is most susceptible to the energies around it, as its house is the 12th house (which represents, as already mentioned, death, as well as other areas like, dreams, the subconscious, the afterlife and more).

Their introversion combined with their imagination makes it sometimes difficult for them to distinguish imagination from reality. On the other hand, what is good is that it creates brilliant artists.

A Pisces who is in good health has a lot of power because they can tap into their authenticity and true creativity more easily than other signs, and this is what makes them untouchable.

When they have something on their mind, nothing can stop Pisces or convince them that what they are doing is not enough.

When they find something that they believe with all their heart, they become so confident that they could start a revolution.

This is also one of the reasons that there are so many spiritual leaders and gurus who are born under the sign of Pisces.

3 astrological signs of the zodiac who play tough but are sensitive inside

Besides the astrological signs that we know to be sensitive, there are signs that are considered the bad boys and bad girls of the zodiac, which are both cool and tough.

Of course, like the zodiac signs that are shy and really tough on the inside, we have signs that are tough on the outside, but sensitive on the inside.

1. Aries

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we are to experience connection”. – Brené Brown

First on the list is Aries. Aries is the child of the zodiac, full of energy, wonder and ambition.

He is the type of person who almost always initiates conversations during dating or during meetings. He’s always ready to step out of his comfort zone, sometimes even to the point of overdoing it.

The typical Aries are an extrovert who enjoys being around different people. Aries are not elitists. They like to broaden their horizons and see what they can learn from each person they meet.

However, sometimes they are too reckless and too quick-witted. Sometimes they have overly intense reactions to things that don’t deserve that kind of reaction, but that’s understandable given that they have raw, electric energy.

As a metaphorical zodiac baby, they reflect some of the traits of an infant. For example, they often don’t know how to control their emotions. In short, while they look cool, they’re actually extremely emotional underneath.

However, when needed, they’re always ready to move on quickly, as only Aries really can.

2. Scorpio

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But, I refuse to let that define me “ . – Maya Angelou

Scorpio is the most famous astrological sign in the world. They are intense, attractive and supposedly dangerous.

I say “so called” because in my experience a lot of these rumors just don’t hold water.

If you have to go out on a first date with a Scorpio it can be intimidating at first, but after a while you will quickly notice that they are actually very sensitive and kind people.

They just want to know too much, too fast, and they are mostly interested in things that most people consider too intimate.

It is quite simply their way of being. After all, they’re water signs and they’re meant to be emotional and craving more depth than others.

What explains the Scorpio and his “dangerous” stereotype is the fact that he is very resistant; which gives it a “dangerous” air.

When they fall, they get up right away. They burn, then they rise from their ashes like a phoenix. Throw whatever you want in their faces and they’ll find a way to cope and get away with it.

They are often best friends with other water signs. Their compatibility is great because they understand each other well, they understand each other’s deep emotions and their sensitivity without needing to explain themselves.

Scorpios can seem intimidating, but once you get close to them you realize that they are very sensitive.

He’s the kind of person who would do anything to cheer you up or make you feel safe.

3. Lion

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change”. – Brené Brown

As we already know, Leo likes to be the center of attention. They like to look cool and have things under control.

While they don’t necessarily hide their affection, they do like people to work a little harder to get their attention. This can sometimes send the wrong message and make them appear arrogant or conceited.

Yes, they do seek attention, but that’s not always a bad point; it all depends on how they do it.

Deep in their hearts, they care deeply about others and what people think of them, even when they behave like they’re the most important people in the world.

Leos are very generous people who just need to put in a little more effort to calm their egos. After all, Leo is ruled by the sun, and the sun stands for authority, self-expression, dominance, and complacency.

It looks and is daring. However, their fifth house of birth tells us that they are also playful and creative.

The 5th house is the house of creativity, the house of fun and children. And all of these things involve feelings and sensitivity.

In order to be the one who entertains the crowd, you need to have empathy above all else. And this is how we can confirm that Aries are really sensitive below their proud appearance.

ConclusionHope this article has helped you learn more about your favorite sign. You have probably noticed that there is no air sign among the signs mentioned above.

Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) are quite neutral on this subject, as they are lucky to have good communication skills and a great interest in everything around them.

This gives them a good basis for interacting with others and they are rarely shy.

They are definitely not the most emotional either, and they avoid any kind of conflict. For example, Aquarians may appear shy because they are calm, but they really aren’t.

They have strong opinions and are sometimes ruthless in their choice of words.

They are more observant and analytical and therefore calmer, which can make them appear shy.

However, when you get to know them, you realize that they are not shy.

The Venus-ruled Libra is too mediating and too sociable to be shy or tough, while the Sagittarius is anything but shy, but also doesn’t care about appearing tough.

Capricorns are also out of the game, thanks to their self-confidence and dominant personality.

To end this funny observation, I just want to remind you once again that the star signs of the zodiac who are shy are way cooler than they think they are.

If you are one of them, you are in luck. There is a lot of beauty in being a little reserved and being richer on the inside, because what you wear inside is no less important than what you express. outside.

Shyness isn’t something to worry about, it’s just a part of your personality that’s complex and beautiful in itself, and that’s what makes you who you really are.

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