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3 Most Mature Zodiac Signs

Whether we’re talking about fulfilling responsibilities or making a difficult decision when you just want to laze around in bed, growing up isn’t easy at all.

A person who reaches adulthood is not necessarily mentally and emotionally mature. But for some signs, the mature approach is an instinct. They are balanced, down to earth, not afraid to take responsibility, and usually take control in any situation.

You can count on them for good advice, and also, I’m the kind of person who always goes for the wisest decision. Sometimes they indeed become predictable, but they do not like to take risks that could destroy their comfort or peace of mind.

Your sun sign can tell you a lot about your basic personality traits, but the planet Saturn – which reflects responsibility, discipline, and karma – is where you want to look in your birth chart when you want to figure out how mature you are. If your planet Saturn is associated with Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you are most likely more mature than you should be at your age.


Virgos are sensitive, organized, and mentally collected – so it’s easy to see why they’re one of the more mature signs. This earth sign continuously reinvents itself to be the best version of itself but expects the same effort from those around it.

“Virgo is also the sign of service, which makes it the sign of sacrifice,” astrologer Dana DeFranco tells Bustle. “Sacrifices cannot be made by anyone, only a mature person is capable of such a thing.”


Diligent and hardworking, Capricorns don’t get lost on the road, especially when it comes to achieving their life goals. It takes a lot of maturities to exercise their level of control, and this earth sign has its ruling planet, Saturn – which is associated with responsibility and discipline – to thank for its practicality.

“Capricorns are old souls,” explains DeFranco. “The irony is that many Capricorns might feel lighter and younger in the second stage of their lives. There comes a time when Saturn helps them free themselves from certain burdens and responsibilities, and this makes them look younger.”


Aquarius is one of the most mature zodiac signs. There’s a reason Aquarius zodiac signs are wise beyond their years—they practically live in the future. This visionary sign, which always has progressive ideas, lives to raise the collective consciousness.

“Aquarius has a sharp mind and a surprising sense of humor,” says DeFranco. “Beyond any cynical jokes they might make, this sign tends to be extremely moral and discreet – a true sign of maturity!”

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