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The stars reveal which are the zodiac signs that will be most unlucky in 2022. Welcome the new year armed with patience.

The new year is upon us and some signs are about to be haunted by the misfortune that will grip them throughout 2022. The stars advise you to prepare yourself psychologically while waiting for 2021 to end.

2021 is about to end, a new year begins and we start all over again. We all feel like players around a table when the cards are shuffled. At that moment everyone’s luck is at stake. Unfortunately, the stars already know that some signs will be particularly unlucky in the next 12 months.

What are the most unfortunate zodiac signs in 2022?

In 2022, 3 signs will feel particularly discouraged and in some moments even alone due to an omnipresent spiral of bad luck. Bad luck will pursue them and they will have to face particularly difficult moments in many areas of their life, on a professional, sentimental or relational level. They will need to arm themselves with patience to get through these months and will have to try not to succumb to the negative emotions they will feel. The stars advise you to live 2022 serenely without making too many plans and without upsetting. In particular, 3 zodiac signs will experience many difficulties:

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Capricorn is a very hardworking and precise sign, especially on a professional level. This sign characterized by great rigor will experience the greatest difficulties in 2022, and precisely at a professional level. As if that weren’t enough, Capricorn will also have to face economic difficulties due to expenses that he had not taken into account. These expenses will often make him feel in a bad mood. If Capricorn expects to have, on the other hand, gratifications and joys on a sentimental level, he will have to change his mind again. Also in this field, the situation will not be rosy and the tensions with the partner will be frequent and will contribute to undermining his mood. Capricorn will have to try not to lose his wisdom.

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The most mysterious sign of the zodiac will spend a year in the name of self-criticism, he will self-sabotage on several occasions and his personal development will suffer. Having low self-esteem will not help him overcome all the difficulties that await him in 2022. Even the love life of Scorpio will not be impervious, this sign will notice many communication problems with the partner. Those who are single will make several acquaintances with whom they will have short stories. The disappointments of love will only worsen his mood and make him darker than usual.

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2022 will not be under the best auspices for Cancer who will have to face many difficulties, especially on an emotional level. They will feel an unprecedented emptiness and sadness inside, this negative energy in some periods will generate states of anxiety. Cancer will try to isolate themselves and want to be alone. To make matters worse are conflicts with friends and family, which will make him feel like he is living a nightmare year. The stars advise you to try to be very rational and work on your self-control.

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