20 Common Twin Flame Signs And Symptoms Explained

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you’ve known them for years? Did you feel an instant, deep connection with them?

No, you’re not crazy. This is one of the twin flame signs and symptoms indicating that you’re close to reuniting with your twin flame, aka twin soul!

What Is A Twin Flame?

Are twin flames real? Are twin flames the same thing as soulmates? If not, what’s the difference between the two?

I know you probably have so many questions all at once, just like myself when I first stumbled upon the twin flame concept.

Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to help you learn everything you need to know about twin flame union, signs, and stages.

A twin flame (also known as a “mirror soul” or “soul connection”) is the other half of your soul. Basically, it is one soul that lands in two different bodies.

The main difference between a soulmate and twin flame is that twin flame love only happens once. Also, soulmates are two souls made from the same energy, whereas twin flames were once united (existed in fusion).

A twin flame reunion doesn’t necessarily lead to a romantic relationship, but it can also evolve into an intense friendship.

Not everyone has a twin soul, but if you do, you are destined to meet that person at some point in your life. Or perhaps you already met them, but you weren’t so sure about it?

No wonder because twin flame signs can be confusing and complex. At one point, you feel a powerful connection with them, and then you enter a crisis stage where you both struggle to keep your bond alive.

All these things (and many others) are an inevitable part of every twin flame journey! Your relationship will challenge your beliefs, reveal your flaws, and so on, only to bring you closer to your true self.

Now, how can you know whether you’ve met a false twin flame or a true twin flame?

The following twin flame signs and symptoms (including stages) are the greatest indicators that you’ve encountered your other half!

20 Twin Flame Signs And Symptoms: Are You Close To Reuniting With Your Twin Soul?

Having the same thoughts at the same time

Among all the other twin flames signs and symptoms, I find this one the most intriguing. You might experience having the same thoughts when you’re with your twin soul (or even when you’re apart).

You will be able to sense when something’s not right in their life. You’ll feel everything as if it is happening to you.

Sometimes, people mistake those thoughts and emotions for their own, not knowing that it is something their twin flame is going through at that moment.

Your paths keep crossing

Do you feel like a certain person always finds a way to enter your life when you least expect it? Well, this doesn’t happen accidentally.

The universe is trying to connect you and bring you together in random ways.

You might think that all this happens for no reason, but it will keep happening until you finally decide to reunite with that person.

If you find other signs resonating with you, then you can be one hundred percent sure that the reason why your paths keep crossing is that you’re kindred souls!

Sharing interests and hobbies

Another common twin flame sign is sharing many interests and hobbies. For example, you both enjoy singing karaoke, and you’re both into politics, spirituality, etc.

You also introduce each other to new ideas and interests that you both start to enjoy doing. Your twin flame might inspire you to do things you’ve always wanted to but, for some reason, didn’t.

My twin flame and I share a passion for nature. We enjoy exploring different natural landscapes, taking inspiring pictures, camping, stargazing, and so on. Our passion has helped us create a powerful bond.

Experiencing a strong physical attraction

If your twin flame is the one that leads to romance, you will undoubtedly experience a strong physical attraction. I daresay that it will be a magnetic attraction between the two of you.

You will crave each other’s presence, cuddling will be your new hobby, and you’ll feel you can’t get enough of each other. The energy released during physical sessions will be out of this world.

All these things will help you strengthen your bond and become more in touch with your true self.

Feeling the same emotions at the same time

They say that twin flames think of each other all the time. This often happens on a subconscious level, and you’re not even aware of it.

Because of that, you might feel the same emotions at the same time. When your twin soul feels off, you’ll feel the same way, not knowing how or why. It is one of the most common and most draining twin flame symptoms.

Sometimes, you might experience feelings of immense happiness for no apparent reason. These feelings can be felt intensely in one or more of the chakra centers.

Understanding the deep and complex parts of each other

One of the main reasons why twin flames feel like they’ve known each other for years is because they understand each other on a deeper level. They understand the deep and complex parts of each other.

This is the essence of unconditional love. Regardless of if it is a romance or a friendship, twin souls create a powerful connection based on ultimate trust, devotion, and respect.

If you’re in a romantic relationship, you will know that they are the One for you. If you’re friends, you’ll experience the magic of a powerful platonic friendship.

Telepathic connection

You know that you’re about to experience a twin flame reunion if you can read each other easily or if you know what they are doing or thinking without asking them.

This is called twin flame telepathy, and it is one of the most powerful twin flame signs and symptoms. All this is felt on a soul level because your two souls were once one.

Telepathy in love enables you to alter each other’s moods, have evocative and recurring dreams, etc. It is one of the most complex things in the world.

Having the same dreams

Imagine retelling someone your dream only to realize that they also had the same one. Again, this is not a coincidence, but one of the most common twin flame reunion signs.

You might also experience other synchronicities such as repeatedly seeing 11:11 on the clock, hearing the same song, or intense energy overwhelming your body for no apparent reason.

Sharing similar weaknesses and faults

No matter how weird it sounds, it’s true that twin flames sometimes share the same weaknesses, insecurities, and faults.

If you look at it from a different perspective, this is actually a good thing. Why?

Because it helps you acknowledge and deal with your own weaknesses. Basically, you help each other overcome insecurities and faults so that you can become the best versions of yourself.

Such relationship or friendship patterns help increase your self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence. By helping them overcome their obstacles, you’ll learn how to improve yourself as well.

Being in touch with your true self

Do you remember that feeling of anxiety and uneasiness when meeting new people? I remember it very well.

Well, this doesn’t happen when you meet your twin flame because they help you relax, and they motivate you to be your authentic self around them.

It feels like you’ve finally found your home where you no longer have to pretend and be something you’re not only to make others like you.

My twin flame experience made me feel the exact same way!

The first time we met, I was surprised that there was no overthinking or anything like that. I was so happy that I could finally be who I am because they totally understand every part of me (my empath traits, introverted personality, and many more).

Instant connection

Once you meet your twin flame, you’ll experience an instant connection. That connection will be so powerful that you’ll feel it in your bones.

You will probably say things like OMG, me too! Or, I thought I was the only one doing that. Through time, you’ll start to finish each other’s sentences and laugh without the need to say a word about a certain thing.

As your relationship or friendship progresses, so too will your connection, and the more time you spend with each other, the more you’ll feel connected.

Intense arguments

I know what you’re thinking: “But they are my twin flame. We’re not supposed to have any arguments.” That’s what I thought, too, until I met my twin soul.

Intense arguments are inevitable and a necessary part of your twin flame journey. Such a relationship is supposed to make you wiser, bolder, and happier. You can’t achieve any of that without arguing.

No matter how weird it sounds, the more you argue with each other, the more you’ll evolve. And then, when you least expect it, you’ll find yourself being in a state of nirvana. You’ll reach ultimate peace and understanding.

The saying that everything happens for a reason will no longer be a cliché to you. You’ll understand that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at that moment.

A feeling of being complete

Given that twin flames share the same soul, once you meet yours, you’ll experience a blissful feeling of being complete. Before I met mine, I’d always felt like I was missing something.

I wasn’t sure what it was. At first, I thought it was about money, friends, or another aspect of my life, but now I understand that what

I was missing the entire time was my twin flame.

Today I’m in a happy and healthy relationship and feeling more complete than ever, and I wish the same thing for you!

Your connection feels divine and powerful

A twin flame connection is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

You feel divine energy in every fiber of your being. All of a sudden, you feel stronger than before, even though you haven’t changed your lifestyle.

The only thing that’s changed is that you’re experiencing a twin soul reunion. Here’s exactly what happens:

Once that connection is made, kundalini energy (that is stored at the base of the spine) will be released. This energy leads to an expanded state of consciousness that is known as kundalini awakening!

Feeling like you’ve known each other for many lifetimes

Oh, yes. You know that you’re experiencing a twin flame reunion if you feel like you’ve known that person for a LONG time.

And you’re not alone in this one. When that happens, know that your twin flame feels the same way (even if they don’t tell you that).

The reason why you’ll feel this way is that you’ve actually known each other for many lifetimes. You’ve been looking for each other (your mirror soul) in previous lives as well. That’s really impressive and heartwarming.

Having a strong desire to travel and explore the world together

Do you have a strong desire to do certain things with that one person (like traveling and exploring the world together)?

You know that they are your mirror soul if you can’t experience anything without having the urge to share it with them (that is how I realized that I’d met mine).

This can be just anything, from funny things that happen at work to the most random things like movies, etc. When you’re doing something, you find yourself thinking about what they would do if they were in your shoes.

Their existence has a significant impact on your life’s choices, and you can’t imagine going through obstacles without them. When you compare your life without them with the one you have now, you can see the difference.

A desire to grow together

Twin flames inspire us to achieve a higher purpose. They evoke our inner desire to do better, to get rid of toxic habits and people.

They motivate us to improve our wellness, become stronger (both mentally and physically), and we also motivate them to do the same. This strong desire to grow together is the essence of every twin soul relationship!

The passion is intense

You know that you’ve met your mirror soul if your passion is so intense that it’s almost palpable. You are deeply attracted to them both spiritually, mentally, and physically, and vice versa.

This doesn’t only have to be romantic passion. You can also share the same passion for certain activities and other things in life.

You have a deep spiritual connection

Your deep spiritual connection is a result of constant spiritual growth and spiritual awakening. Such a deep connection can survive almost anything.

You can be separated for a while, and whenever you meet again, you’ll feel as if you were together all this time.

Mirror soul couples often don’t have problems being in a long-distance relationship because they always feel close to each other even if they’re miles apart.

They change your life in unexpected ways

Mirror souls help each other face their fears, find purpose, and get in touch with their true selves.

They change your life in so many unexpected ways and make you wonder how you could have ever lived without them.

You might find yourself on a strange path experiencing the most unusual twin flame signs and symptoms but bear in mind that all this will happen for a reason.

The universe will be your guide, and your unconditional love will be your fuel.

8 Twin Flame Stages You’re Likely To Experience In A Twin Flame Relationship

The search stage

This is the first stage on your quest called twin soul reunion. At this stage, you are actively thinking about that one special person out there and believe that there is a perfect match for you.

Sometimes, you’ll doubt all this, but deep down in your soul, you’ll know that it’s true.

This stage is also about preparing for the arrival of your mirror soul. You may start keeping a journal, meditating, or doing other self-care and spiritual activities.


The second stage is called the meeting or the awakening stage. At this stage, you’ll witness many “coincidences” and all those twin flame signs and symptoms implying a twin soul reunion.

Once you meet, you’ll instantly recognize that divine connection on a spiritual level. You’ll be drawn to each other on every possible level. Spending time with them will be your favorite activity.

The honeymoon phase

I call this stage, “the calm before the storm.” At this point, your relationship with them (be it friendship or romantic relationship) is positive, cheerful, meaningful, and new.

Sometimes, the honeymoon phase lasts longer, and other times it ends quickly.

During the honeymoon phase, you aren’t aware of each other’s flaws, and you don’t see things realistically.

You’re mesmerized by their personality, way of thinking, and all those things you have in common. After that comes the real challenge called the test!

The test

This stage is one of the most complex twin flame stages. It consists of many challenges, like testing your limitations, setting boundaries, and so on. At this point, you contemplate and talk about what your future with them will look like.

You’ll also notice potential obstacles, engage in conflicts, and work on finding ways to resolve these conflicts. You’ll start questioning and revealing each other’s flaws and insecurities.

One partner may even abandon the relationship if attachment issues prevail.

The crisis stage

As the name implies, this stage is about experiencing anxiety and constant worries about your connection. It can be related to infidelity, trust issues, grief, self-love issues, and so on.

At this point, many twin souls decide to separate. Experiencing twin flame separation is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to go through.

But, if you manage to get through the next stages, your bond will emerge stronger than ever!

The running or chasing stage

At this stage, one of the two of you will be a twin flame runner, and the other will be a chaser.

You might distance yourself from them, thinking that your connection is doomed, while the other person will keep initiating contact, believing that your relationship is worth fighting for.

The only way for this stage to reach its end is when a runner stops running, and the chaser stops chasing (pushing). In other words, it will stop once both parties realize that there are some things and forces that are beyond their control.

The surrender

No, surrendering isn’t about giving up on each other, but it’s about accepting that you can’t escape from fate (destiny).

At this point, you start trusting that the universe is working in your favor and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

Both of you decide to work on the issues you had in the previous two stages. You focus on doing your best each day and making the best of your relationship.

The reunion stage

I like to call this stage “the relief.” Finally, the balance is restored. You’ve learned a lot about your relationship and yourself. You support each other and continue growing together.

At this stage, you feel like things have finally fallen into place. You realize that all those challenges helped you become wiser and stronger.

The Twin Flame Reunion Is Inevitable!

At some point, you might find yourself being skeptical about meeting your twin soul, but know that twin flame reunion is inevitable.

It is bound to happen!

Before it happens, you’ll experience lots of twin flame signs and symptoms and go through the stages that will be challenging for both of you.

But bear in mind that there is a law of attraction between the two of you, and you’ll succeed in reuniting sooner or later.

Once that happens, you’ll begin a new life-changing chapter. I wish you the best of luck on your twin flame journey!

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