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11 Truths About Capricorns That Prove They Are The GOAT

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While the Capricorn is represented by the goat, here are some reasons that prove they are actually the greatest of all time. 

1. They are one of the most grounded signs

This will be the person in your life that is your anchor. Maybe it’s within a family dynamic, a relationship, or a friend group. They will be the person who does in fact dream and want the biggest and best things out of life, but they will approach things with the kind of practicality that allows everyone to get there. While they are not spontaneous, they do enjoy adventures, just ones that are planned.

2. They value tradition

Tradition is so important to this sign because loyalty above all is one of their greatest strengths. They will be the family member planning things and keeping everyone together. They will be the friend that ensures whatever tradition you do have does not get lost. They are the kind of partner that will build a family and life that makes you believe good people really do exist through their eyes and actions.

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3. They have a very high moral compass

Whether they were just born right with a good heart or just raised right, you can count on them to just always do the right thing and do the good thing.

4. They value family above all

They love their family so fiercely. If you’re someone who is looking for a partner who will make your family their own, they will. If you’re looking for a friend who will love you like family, they will. And if you’re lucky enough to be related to them, you have someone for life, who will always step up and be there for you.

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5. They dream big and achieve bigger

Average is not the life they will lead. They are constantly looking towards what is next and what they can achieve. They are go-getters, workaholics, and someone who will push you in your own life to keep reaching for more and striving to be your best self.

6. They’re a loyal friend

If you are lucky enough to be their friend, they will be the best friend you have.

7. They’re the responsible one

While a lot of people struggle to manage things on their plate, this is where a Capricorn thrives. Not only are they organized and know how to manage everything, but they will be the most responsible ones. It could be in work or in relationships—they raise their hand, take the lead, and everything is taken care of.

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8. They’re stubborn

Stubbornness isn’t often seen as a positive trait, but Capricorns are so stubborn because they hold true to their beliefs so tightly, they won’t budge. Their values, their morals, the core of who they are won’t be compromised, and they can’t be shaken down or persuaded differently because they value their own character so much.

9. They’re also highly sensitive

While they might appear guarded and don’t always show love in an overwhelming sense of saying things outright, everything they do feel is shown through actions. But they are highly sensitive. They sit with this in isolation sometimes. Because they have such a high moral compass, they struggle in understanding how anyone can act unkindly, do wrong, or cause others pain. But despite how others might wrong them, they continue to just do right.

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10. They’re beautiful inside and out

You will be struck first by their beauty and what they look like, then as you get to know them more, you’ll understand that the beauty on the outside does not even compare to their heart.

11. They’re easy to fall in love with

As you get to know them more, you’ll see the circle around them love this person so much. Some will love them for the way a Capricorn makes them feel about themselves and others will love them for their goodness and want to protect that in them. And everyone will love them simply because of who they are and how they enhance the lives of everyone around them. And if you are lucky enough to be the object of their affection and their partner, value them like they are the greatest of all time, because Capricorns are in fact the GOAT.

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