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10 Things You Should Know Before You Date An Aquarius

When it comes to dating the zodiac signs, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Every sign has its particular quirks, values, and desires that play a huge role in their relationships—and this is particularly true of signs like Aquarius.

Aquarius signs have a reputation for being loners, unemotional, and constantly ghosting relationships due to a lack of interest. However, there is more than meets the eye regarding these enigmatic air signs. If you have your eye on one and are hoping to enter into a real relationship with them, there are some things to keep in mind before you decide to embrace the commitment fully.

1. They can be stubborn.

Despite the air sign stereotype of “going with the flow,” Aquarius signs have a stubborn streak to them. Labeled as one of the “fixed” mode signs in astrology, when an Aquarius believes in something—or believes they are right about something—they aren’t backing down. This doesn’t mean they aren’t open to other points of view or that they will never change their minds. However, if you’re going to challenge them on anything, you have to have solid reasoning because they won’t be swayed easily.

2. They can work in extremes.

While they may come off as aloof and detached when you first meet them, Aquarians have plenty of emotional depth going on underneath the surface. When they fall for someone, they often feel a constant back and forth in how they approach the relationship. At times they will be enamored with the person and want to dive in, getting to know them on a complex and intimate level, while other times they may pull back significantly to process their emotions on their own. It can feel a bit jarring if you don’t know what to expect. However, if their unpredictable nature is concerning to you, let them know what you need from them in the relationship—they are great problem solvers, and if they are reasonably able to give you what you ask for, they’ll do it.

3. They are loyal and dedicated.

Here we go again with the air signs stereotypes, but rest assured that when Aquarius signs are dating you, they are loyal and dedicated. It takes time for them to open up and trust you, but they are all in once they do. While it’s true they don’t like feeling restricted or stuck in a rut, they prefer to alleviate those feelings by exploring new things with their partners. Trust us, if someone who happens to be an Aquarius cheats on you, it’s because they suck—not because they were born sometime in January/February.

4. They enjoy mental stimulation as much as anything else.

While the physical and emotional aspects often come to the forefront of our minds when we think about dating, Aquarius signs aren’t focused on those things exclusively. Aquarius signs crave a person who can stimulate them mentally—someone who matches their curiosity and desire for knowledge. An Aquarius wants to know your opinions about things or something you’ve learned that has fascinated you. Honestly, their biggest way of flirting will likely be to try and debate you about something because they want to know they are spending time with someone they can have genuine conversations with.

5. They will challenge you, but playfully.

Speaking of debating, don’t be surprised if an Aquarius challenges you about something you’ve said. They aren’t trying to dismiss or mock you—they enjoy going back and forth with someone they care about, playfully teasing them to see what their reaction is. While they aren’t the ones to go past boundaries you’ve set, they will try to push your buttons a bit from time to time. Not much rattles them, and they want you to push back.

6. Friendship is paramount to them.

An Aquarius isn’t just looking for a person to go on dates with—they want to date a person who will also be their best friend. They believe that every good connection starts with a friendship, and they work hard to maintain that aspect in their romantic relationships. If you aren’t willing to be their friend first or continue to build off that foundation, the relationship likely won’t last long. It’s not just their friendship with you that matters, though. Their friendships with others also play a vital role in their lives. They will go out of their way to maintain those connections because they don’t want to lose themselves entirely in a relationship. If you are constantly trying to assert some kind of authority or demanding to be made more important than your closest friends, it will not go over well.

7. You have to be clear when communicating what you want

These signs are big on communication—which means if you want or need something, you have to make it clear. An Aquarius isn’t going to try and read your mind and will take your words at face value. If you aren’t willing to communicate how you’re feeling or what you need out of the relationship, then you’re not going to get anywhere with them.

8. They have a soft side.

Aquarius may like to at times pretend they don’t have *feelings*, but in all honesty, that’s far from the truth. While they may talk about their feelings in more of an analytical way, they have a vulnerable side that they do want to explore with the person they care about. If they trust you, they will let you in, but it takes time to reach the place where they feel safe doing so.

9. They can tell if you aren’t being authentic.

Aquarians are often known for being “weird,” but most of the time, it’s simply that they aren’t afraid to be themselves. They are less concerned about how other people view them because being true to themselves takes priority. That being said, they can tell when a person isn’t being authentic with them. Trying to impress them by being something you’re not won’t last long—they like to get to know a person completely, and if you’re simply pretending to care about things or by being someone else, then they will be able to pick up on it quickly. If they are talking to you, it’s because they are interested in you, so just be yourself.

10. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone.

Ultimately, an Aquarius doesn’t want to stay stagnant. They are always pushing themselves to try new things, examine new possibilities, and explore avenues they never had before. If they are dating you, then you’re the person they want to do those things with, and sometimes it may mean stepping outside of your comfort zone. While they will never force you to do things you don’t want to do, if you refuse to ever try anything new, it will likely cause some tension down the line. In the end, they will take you to places you’ve never even thought of going, and you’ll likely feel thankful that you leaped with them.

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