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10 Shocking Libra Negative Traits Revealed

They’re indecisive, love beautiful things and justice. If the seventh sign of the Zodiac crossed your mind when you heard these traits, you’re completely right.

But this is not enough to truly know a Libra. What about Libra’s negative traits? What about their dark side they hide from the rest of the world?

After all, if you get involved with this sign in any way possible, you have to know the whole truth – not just the nice parts. That’s exactly why we’re bringing you all the shocking Libra negative traits.

10 Most Shocking Negative Traits Of Libra

They used to think they’re indecisive, but now they’re not sure

There are many positive and negative traits of a Libra you might be familiar with.

Nevertheless, I’m sure this is one of the first and most common stereotypes you’ll ever hear about this sign: they have a hard time making up their minds.

But whether we like it or not, some stereotypes are formed for a reason, and this one is pretty accurate.

Most of the time, Libras look like they don’t have a clue what they’re doing with their lives. They don’t have enough mental strength to make a decision and, more importantly, stick with it.


But all of this happens for a reason. You’re familiar with the fact that Libras are big fans of justice. After all, the scale is their symbol.

Well, this is where their indecisiveness comes from. Even though most people think they don’t know what they want, the truth is that they’re actually thinking everything through before making a decision.

They want to do the right thing in the end. And their pursuit of justice often makes them appear ambivalent.

When, in fact, a Libra is always weighing things up. They take all the good and bad sides of their potential decision into consideration and put them on a scale.

They analyze and dissect every little detail to its core.

These people think about all the possible outcomes of their situation and often obsess over all of the what ifs, what could have beens, and what should have beens.

At the end of the day, they’re left clueless about what to do next.

People pleasers and peacemakers

The bottom line is that a Libra is a people pleaser but not in the way that they care about what others think; they’re not slaves to societal norms.

Instead, being a peacemaker, this zodiac sign makes sure that their decision does no harm to anyone.

Sometimes, they’ll make a choice that doesn’t make them the happiest, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Yes, there are times when a Libra comes up with a solution to their problem. Nevertheless, there are also situations where they are simply unable to satisfy all parties involved – so the solution never comes.

Hedonism as a rational response for a difficult life

Like every other sign of the zodiac, Librans also have their share of life troubles. Nevertheless, what makes them so special is the way they confront their problems.

You’ll rarely see a Libra facing their difficulties head-on or looking their problems straight in the eyes.

They’re not the responsible type who will do anything to resolve their hardships the moment they encounter them.

Instead, Librans are self-indulgent. This Sun sign will do everything in its power to escape whatever bothers them.

They’re the kings and queens of running away from their issues and finding comfort elsewhere.

Pleasure-seekers and self-indulgent

Libra might be one of the biggest pleasure-seekers of the entire zodiac. They enjoy life and live every day as if it were their last.

This is the sign that takes whatever they can get from the Universe. They accept all of the world’s gifts with open arms.

Wow, that’s an awesome trait, you must think. But sadly, sometimes, this negative Libra trait can make them a bit immature.

The problem occurs when Libras concentrate too much on their own pleasure. This is felt especially by the people in their surroundings as a Libra’s hedonism also makes them quite selfish.

Besides, they rarely think about the consequences. They enjoy life and often act like they don’t give a damn about what will happen next.

Today is the only day they’re worried about. They don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and that attitude can’t be good in the long run.

They love materialistic things too much, which has a negative effect on this sign’s spending habits. Libras don’t know how to save money, nor are they ever interested in investing in a better future for themselves.

Also, a Libra’s addictive personality is strongly connected to this hedonistic nature. After all, when you enjoy everything the world has to offer, it’s easy to get carried away and lose control of yourself.

They find the exterior fascinating

This sign is the ultimate champion of superficiality. Being ruled by Venus, this horoscope sign is obsessed with physical beauty.

One of the worst traits of Libra is the fact that they pay a lot of attention to the exterior. In fact, for them, what’s on the surface is much more important than what’s hidden deep inside a person.

But this is not only the case with people. In fact, this superficial nature is also the cause of their irrational and irresponsible spending habits.

A Libra is like a little child. When they see a shiny, beautiful object, they will go after it.

They will waste a lot of money on clothes, expensive gadgets, perfumes, and make-up just to satisfy their superficiality.

It’s more than obvious that they’re fascinated by the exterior and that this quality brings them more troubles than they’re willing to admit.

Self-acceptance vs. self-obsession

The worst part about this superficiality is the fact that it might bring Libra mental anguish. Too often, this horoscope sign has a hard time accepting themselves for who they really are.

You see, these people value others by their physical looks. They set extremely high standards when it comes to beauty.

But what if they’re the ones who can’t meet their own criteria? What happens when a Libra doesn’t find themselves attractive enough?

A mess in their head – that’s what happens. A Libra is incapable of accepting their own imperfections and physical flaws.

Consequently, they develop serious insecurities and self-confidence problems they successfully hide from the world.

At the same time, every Libra is obsessed with their appearance. Both Libra men and women invest a lot of time, money, effort, and energy into looking their best.

Deep romantic connection

Nevertheless, maybe the biggest concern about this sign’s superficial nature is its influence on their romantic relationships.

Instead of looking for a deeper connection, a Libra falls in love for one simple reason: just because they find the object of their affection handsome or beautiful.

You can only guess the specter of problems this can bring. A relationship where physical looks are the only criteria doesn’t have a huge chance of succeeding, does it?

Emotionally detached observers

Nevertheless, if you do get involved in any kind of deep relationship with a Libra, you’ll soon start to feel like they’re observers of their own life.

It’s like they don’t take an active role in it since they often behave like bystanders, without any emotional involvement.

Libras have a habit of acting cold and distant, but they’re certainly not like that under the surface. On the one hand, this sign craves stability and the genuine bond they have a hard time acquiring.

But on the other hand, they often seem to be emotionally unavailable. The truth is that Libras detach themselves on purpose.

Avoiding conflicts

When a Libra is hurt or bothered by something, they will rarely come clean about their feelings. Instead, they’ll do everything they can to hide their emotions from everyone, including themselves.

Their extraordinary ability to avoid conflicts is one of Libra’s positive and negative traits at the same time.

This zodiac sign won’t pick unnecessary fights, nor will they engage in meaningless drama, making this a great quality of theirs.

Nevertheless, they won’t speak their mind about the things hurting them either.

Instead, they will just become distant all of a sudden, and that’s what makes everyone around them see Libras as emotionally detached.

When you try to argue with a Libra zodiac, you’ll hit a wall. They’ll become numb, and all you’ll get is a deathly silence.

So, it’s perfectly natural for you to see them as uninvolved and indifferent.

Revenge has no deadline

At first glance, you couldn’t imagine this peaceful sign being vengeful. Nevertheless, all Libras seek revenge, and this negative Libra trait actually fits in with their other qualities perfectly.

When you come to think about it, revenge is justice. The only way for justice to be served is for everyone to have a taste of their own medicine.

Revenge is all about getting even with whoever has done you any harm.

You see it now? For Libras, retaliation is the only way to get final satisfaction. It’s the only way to achieve fairness and equity.

The worst part of Libra’s vengeance is that it rarely comes right away. Instead, for this zodiac, revenge has no deadline.

It’s not like they’re some evil masterminds who will devote their entire lives to plotting out how to get even with someone who treated them horribly.

But you have to be aware that a Libra’s memory always serves them perfectly.

Therefore, they won’t forget your wrongdoings, no matter how much time passes. And when the right moment comes, they will settle their accounts, one way or another.

Beware because nobody escapes a Libra’s revenge because this is a matter of principles. This applies to their loved ones as well.

Concealed anger

The most dangerous part about the vengeful Libra personality is the fact that they have the ability to hide their anger exceptionally well. They’re capable of keeping grudges bottled up for ages.

So, naturally, you’ll think that Libra has forgotten about your hurtful actions a while ago. You’re sure that they’re over whatever you did to them.

After all, they never bring it up. They don’t behave in a resentful manner, and they never do anything that shows their true feelings.

And then, when you least expect it – it all backfires on you. They get even with you, and only then are they content.

Control enthusiasts

Every astrologer will tell you that Libras are one of the most peaceful people of the entire horoscope. But sometimes, their desire for perfect calmness gets out of hand and displays their bad traits.

Therefore, they’re often classified as control freaks who disguise their manipulation. Their ultimate goal in life is to avoid arguments and any kind of dispute.

Nevertheless, they can’t seem to understand that not everyone craves peace as much as they do. Instead of accepting that as a fact, they end up pressing their desire for harmony to their entire surroundings.

The problem is that a Libra is ready to impose their opinion as the only right option, just to end any imbalance around them.

At the end of the day, their desire to end all disputes is stronger than their willingness to do it the right way.

Basically, they want calmness at all costs, no matter what. They’re ready to do whatever it takes to achieve full tranquility in and around them, which is, ironically, often utterly impossible to do peacefully.

Everything has to go Libra’s way or no way at all.

The outcome of every possible situation has to be exactly how they imagined it would go, or problems will arise.


Libras won’t use aggression to get what they want. Nevertheless, deep down, they feel like they’re entitled to make decisions in other people’s lives.

This sign’s controlling nature goes hand in hand with their bossiness. They’re commanding, domineering, and arrogant in their behavior towards others.

This is the zodiac sign who doesn’t work well with others. They rarely function well as a part of a team as they always have a desire to rule over everyone surrounding them.

Self-pity as a form of living suicide

Another one of the Libra negative traits is their tendency to be too hard on themselves.

They wouldn’t admit this even if their life depended on it, but this zodiac sign is perfectly aware of their character flaws – they just pretend they aren’t.

In fact, they’re obsessed with them and spend most of their time focusing on their negative traits. They constantly judge themselves and rethink their actions and words.

Nevertheless, a Libra sign will rarely do anything about this. They won’t confront the disadvantages of their personality and put any effort into changing them.

When a Libra notices that they’re doing something wrong, they won’t move a finger to change that about themselves.

They won’t try to improve themselves and modify the things they don’t like about their temperament.
The worst part is that they won’t even take responsibility for their own imperfections at the end of the day.

They won’t blame themselves for the things they did wrong. Instead, they’ll throw a pity party and stand there, watching their life fall apart inch by inch.

Playing the victim

Instead, according to them, the awful fate the Universe has sent to them is always guilty. It’s their life circumstances, their parents, their surroundings… everything except them.

This zodiac is always playing the victim of their life conditions, of other people and situations.

Their victim mentality leads to Libras feeling sorry for themselves. Once again, instead of doing something with their lives, Libra’s inactive nature takes over and ruins everything.

When you hear the word “self-pity,” this is the first zodiac sign that should come to your mind.

Reliable only when it’s convenient

Being an air sign, Libra’s unreliability doesn’t come as a shock to almost anyone. You simply can’t count on them due to their flighty personality.

They won’t be there to watch your back when you need them the most. They’re not trustworthy or consistent.

Most of the time, it seems as if they go with the flow. This Libra personality trait goes hand in hand with their indecisiveness.

This horoscope sign never knows what they want – we established this as a fact. Consequently, how can you expect them to keep their word?

When a Libra makes a promise, they really think they will be able to stick to it. It’s not that they purposely lied to you, with the intention of standing you up and doing something completely different.

Nevertheless, somewhere along the way, they changed their mind, just like that. Well, that’s a part of their personality, and there is not much you can do about it.

Inability to say “no”

If you analyze things a little deeper, you’ll notice that all of this goes back to Libra’s attempts to avoid conflicts at all costs.

Remember how we talked about their people-pleasing nature? Well, this zodiac’s inability to say “no” is part of this trait.

Let’s take this situation, for example. You’re friends with a Libra. You ask them out for dinner one weekend.

Libra knows very well that they’re busy that evening. They may have something else planned for the night, or they hoped to get some rest.

Nevertheless, despite that, they will accept your invitation. Why? Because they are totally incapable of refusing anyone.

At first glance, they think they’ve managed to avoid conflict. This doesn’t mean that you would necessarily get mad at them for turning you down – they just don’t have the courage to do so.

But before the day of your scheduled dinner, they will stand you up. It’s easier for them to text you and ask for a rain check than to have told you the truth in the first place.

Of course, this is just an example – problems arise when you ask them for a more important favor, and their unreliability hits you straight on the head.

Vanity is their favorite deadly sin

This is another negative Libra trait that Venus, the planet of love, is responsible for. One would expect Libras to be vain as they are so superficial and obsessed with physical looks.

You know how we mentioned that they can be pretty self-aware when it comes to their appearance? Well, that is all true until they acquire perfection.

This zodiac sign will undergo aesthetic surgeries and all kinds of cosmetic treatments to look the way they want.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a Libra man or woman – they both can’t picture their day without a bunch of makeup, perfumes, and skin and hair care products that will help them look as flawless as possible.

The bottom line is that every Libra invests a lot in their exterior. Once they start looking the way they want, they immediately fall in love with themselves.

They admire their beauty and spend most of their free time taking selfies or staring at their reflection in the mirror.

Even if they don’t have the highest possible opinion of themselves, they will make sure everyone sees their self-confidence.

When a Libra flirts with you, please cooperate

But what no one knows is that Libra is a sucker for validation. It’s pretty obvious that they become overjoyed with compliments that boost their ego.

That is why this zodiac sign is addicted to flirting. They can be in a committed relationship, but they will always feel better if someone checks them out.

So please, when a Libra flirts with you, give them some positive feedback. It blows away their insecurities and makes their day.

You don’t have to get involved with them in any way, but not rejecting their courtships will boost their self-confidence. It will show them that they’re not vain – they’re just aware of their awesome looks and charm.

Manipulators in disguise

Once again, we come to a Libra’s main purpose in this world: to avoid arguments. Well, that can’t be easy to do, can it?

In fact, it’s often that this star sign is an emotional manipulator in disguise. This is especially true when they find themselves in the middle of a confrontation that has nothing to do with them.

Instead of expressing their opinion, they have a habit of sitting in two chairs with one butt.

The same goes for their personal relationships. When they want to resolve an issue with you, Libras won’t sit down and directly oppose you.

Instead, they will manipulate you into seeing their side of the story. Before you know it, you’ve been brainwashed into accepting their ideas and values, without even having a clue what hit you.

Charming and diplomatic

This zodiac’s primary weapon of manipulation is, without a doubt, their charm. Libras are likable, and people enjoy their presence.

Moreover, whoever isn’t familiar with Libra’s negative traits will only see them as kind, helpful people. Even though they have this side as well, the truth is that they use their charisma in their favor.

Before you know it, this star sign will get you to do things their way. They have an amazing ability to get under people’s skin and lure them into obeying their every order.

They’re seductive, even when they’re not trying to flirt with you. Not only that: people belonging to the seventh sign are also incredibly diplomatic.

Basically, Libra’s manipulation technique is telling people exactly what they want to hear.

Libra Compatibility:

Compatible with: Leo, Gemini, Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius,

Not compatible with: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries

To Wrap Up:

Even though all of these Libra negative traits might sound scary, they don’t make them better or worse than the rest of the zodiac – they only make them human.

Don’t let the ugly truth about this zodiac serve as an excuse to cut ties with all Librans in your life. Instead, use this as a guide to handle them better!

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